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AstraGrace Corp Pty Ltd. started from the heart of embracing Australian nature. The therapeutic benefits

and the natural healing of our bodies can be found from our wonderful environment. We believe that

"Nature has an answer for your health".


It’s true that modern prescription medicines provide instant and immediate results in treating people’s health. However, these medical treatments can at times cause undetermined adverse reactions and side effects, causing the body with a weak immune system. Therefore, we are committed to researching and developing

a natural therapeutic medicine for all health and people. We maintain high efficacy and level of potency of

our ingredients, leaving the body with little or no side effects.    


Our company ensures that all our products are manufactured in high quality and hygienic processes.

We continue to strive ourselves to be Australia’s leading natural therapeutic company to expand

awareness of Australia’s natural therapeutic medicine to the world. We hope you take part with us on

this journey for growth and success. 

Our brands include Dr.Natural, Mediactive, MDActive, Asphodel and SR20+.

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