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Dr.Natural range supplement products are trusted for Top Quality due to our strong commitment to careful selection of source, stringent hygienic processes and our production process which includes the clinical validation of products before we allow them to be placed on the shelf.


Mediactive Active 20+ Honey is a medical honey registered in Therapeutical Goods Administration (TGA). Mediactive Honey is independently tested in laboratory to verify its antibacterial activity and enzymatic activity. Therefore, we 100% guarantee quality of the product.


MDActive products contain Mediactive 12+ Honey, propolis and other natural ingredients to strengthen benefits of Australian honey.


Asphodel Skin solution products are trusted Australian made and sourced range with Placenta, Lanolin, Jojoba, Mediactive Honey Enzyme and other natural ingredients to protect and moisturize subtle skin. It is great for daily use for family.


SR20+ is a revolutionary skin care product. Most conventional products could not remove dirt, chemicals and toxics from frequent use of cosmetic products. Some skin care products may have better moisturizing benefits with many harmful chemical ingredients hidden in the products. But, SR20+ is different! Our products formulated with natural ingredients, free from toxins chemicals that provides natural remedies for your skin. We also add Mediactive 20+ Honey to supports the recovery of the skin and gentle on skin.

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